AWFUL: Liberal media Glosses Over Michael Brown’s Filthy Rap Lyrics, Pretends ‘Christianity is Prominent’

The left-wing media is determined to publish sympathetic pieces of Michael Brown’s flithy rap lyrics. Gateway pundit Jim Hoft linked to this excerpt from Washington Post writer Wesley Lowery who completely whitewashes Michael’s lyrics and the truth: It was music that bonded Brown and Johnson. Both fantasized about careers. Johnson has musical notes tattooed on his neck, and Brown was almost never […]

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In Case You Missed It, The Feds Think You’re Too Dumb To Roast Marshmallows, So They Published This…

In honor of Labor Day weekend and National Marshmallow Roasting Day, the U.S. Forest Service released a 700-word article designed to show Americans how to safely roast marshmallows. Apparently, Americans are too incompetent to be trusted with gooey treats and fire. The feds published the article just in time for National Marshmallow Day, which was this past […]

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Not Surprising: Feds Are Encouraging Deported Illegals To Come Back

After the monstrous influx of illegal immigrants flooding across the U.S. border this summer, the government is encouraging some deported illegals to come back. From Breitbart: HOUSTON, Texas — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expected to allow thousands of illegal immigrant deportees to return to the U.S., so long as they have […]

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