Epic: This is the tax return that “Every Single American” should file next year

If they can do it, why can’t we?

tax pic

UPDATE: It looks like this picture was originally created by @BuzzPo!

      • William

        Obozo would have a stroke if a 100 million or so did this next year.

        • FSM Podcast

          Indeed he would. The average tax *refund* was just shy of $3000 dollars in 3013. Ugly math on this says the feds get to keep 300 billion extra!

      • Chris Leiter

        This is the wrong form. This one says its for people with no dependents. Where’s the one for those of us who pay taxes to provide food stamps for 47 million dependents?

      • AOSean

        I’ll be filing this, as should everyone. Then we can get rid of the IRS and all it’s corruption. Flat Tax, Fair Tax or even abolish the Federal Tax System all together. Pick one.

        • FSM Podcast

          Have fun with your audit.

      • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

        I just wish everyone had the balls to do it.

        • FSM Podcast

          Or had a sufficient lack of brain cells.

          • Stu

            Wow. Witty. I’m simply floored.

          • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

            Im not quite sure how to take that. Are you being witty or acknowledging my comment?

      • Rsmary

        Isn’t it sad that we fear our government and we can never do this… but we have real criminals in the White House that is now an Out House