Liberals passed a bill to change this fish’s name because it is “hurtful” and “offensive”


Because banning names is all the rage with liberals these days, I thought I would remind you of this little gem from a couple months ago.

From Breitbart:

The Minnesota Senate approved John Hoffman’s (D-MN) bill to change the name “Asian carp” so called because the species originates from Asia, to “invasive carp”. Since Asian carp were introduced in the U.S. in the 1970′s, the fish have spread to dozens of states causing destruction in the delicate ecosystems of the waterways.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been fighting off the most invasive species, the black carp from China, the Silver carp from Vietnam, and Grass carp from China from spreading into the Great Lakes were the fish could do massive damage the regions fishing industry. While arguing his case on the Senate floor, Hoffman said that referring to the fish as “Asian” was hurtful to some people

What animal is next? Black Bear? Siberian Tiger?

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  • Caleb

    Wow, this is what our leaders are focused on? It’s sad that we have more pressing issues but people are getting offended at the word “Asian”. This is ridiculous, Asian simply means from Asia, how are people getting butthurt over that?

    • Jamal Washington Jr.

      Not leaders anymore dude, they are now our masters, our ocer-lords, our jailers, our oppressors, our robber barons … Our destroyers of all things good and decent.

  • Danae Summers

    I love how instead of trying to actually solve problems, politicians do asinine things like this to take the heat off of themselves for being whiny little babies who refuse to even try to compromise with the “evil other side.” What a freaking joke.

    • Maurice Yoder

      They don’t know how to solve the problems. they only know how to create them. This is how they get our minds off of the real problems. They create a diversion, so we will forget the real problems. They are in for a surprise.

  • DeniseVB
    • Yomomma

      You win best in show for this one

    • John Best

      D’oh! That was a good one.

  • David Pickett

    Dont they have better things to do?

  • Shiner

    This coming from a guy living where there football team is called the Vikings. Sounds like a gang name I think after the Packers change their name because it up sets the LBGT groups then the Vikings name has to go. Maybe call them the Carps.

    • Emily Elizabeth Day

      You do know the Vikings were actual people right..

  • joscefi

    If “Invasive” is less hurtful and offensive than “Asian”, isn’t “invasive” also less hurtful and offensive than “illegal”?
    That would mean that there are no “illegal aliens”, they’re actually “invasive aliens”, no?

    • Pegs Bels

      Yes! Spot on.

    • Phil Dych

      Post of the year!

    • jdaily

      yes but youre implying that theyve done damage…

      • IHWIP

        not necessarily. They are coming in and competing with the natives for resources, thus threatening the well-beings of native populations. ;)

        • Brendon Carr

          They took your jobs.

      • Bongo Bob

        And they do! What is your problem with that?

      • John Best

        They are both parasites destroying the environment and taking resources from those already there.

      • Jeffrey Hardin

        Implying? I can tell you as a fact they are causing damages, loss of jobs, loss of income and wages and the loss of life as well.

        • jdaily

          you say this but provide no evidence.

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            You want evidence?
            2010 we had a flood of criminal border jumpers come into the state of SC, my State, not Mexico…
            Within just a month my daughter who is a professional freelance painter was making $20 an hour, she was lucky to get $10 after they came into this state illegally criminally.
            She even had one of the greedy construction companies job interviewers laugh at her for requesting $12 an hour stating, yea lady right, we can get painters for under minimum wage now, indirectly speaking of the criminal border jumpers!
            Then within the third month she and thousands of others in this state starting experiencing job losses, that’s right, people were being fired so the company could criminally hire cheaper labor, as well as South Carolinian’s finding it harder to get work because criminals were being hired in their stead and you want evidence…
            I’m going to be nice here, but I have to tell you this as a fact. You a blind fool if you think for a moment that these criminal border jumpers and their illegal children aren’t hurting this nation, and God help you for the stupidity you possess if you actually buy into it!

          • jdaily

            im not blind, i know this happens and i agree with you that illegal border crossing is wrong. but we cant change the fact that theyre here. your anger is misplaced. WHY ARENT YOU ANGERED BY THE LAWBREAKING AMERICANS WHO HIRE THESE PEOPLE UNDER THE TABLE???

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            I never stated you were blind, I said you are a blind fool, “if you think for a moment that these criminal border jumpers and their illegal children aren’t hurting this nation….
            If they weren’t here illegally, then they wouldn’t be taken advantage of, especially by the greedy politicians and businesses.

          • jdaily

            “I never stated you were blind, I said you are a blind fool” you do realize the stupidity there dont you?

            and you still are ignoring my point.

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            Now you are being ridiculous condescending, and taking my text out of its entirety!~

            Let me try this once more.
            `I said you are a blind fool “IF” you think for a moment these criminal border jumpers and their children aren’t hurting this Nation!

            Now, “IF” you believe they aren’t a strain on this nation, then yes, your a damn fool!

            And ignorant?
            I have followed each of your post and responded likewise to your comments…

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            By the way…I also refurbish homes after these nasty criminals ruin them! They go in together, whole families of 10-20 and rent homes and move into them without water and electricity because they are criminals and have no ID….They urinate and crap into the tubs, then to mask the odor, they stuff towels underneath the doors…
            The renters make huge profits off these criminals because they of course are hiding from the law, so in truth, I have no sympathy for them either and I charge them dearly for my services, just to make it hurt them…As do those like me in my field!

            And you want evidence!?

            Why, really, what for? If your this blind now, what makes you think you’ll see anything I produce before you?!~

          • jdaily


          • Jeffrey Hardin

            No, I’m angry with the criminal border jumpers who have no business coming into this country in the first place!
            And yes, also at the renters and companies hiring these criminals!
            And to make me complacent to this is absolutely unbelievable, your butt backwards to a Sunday go to church meet brother!~
            These are criminals you are defending and people who are absolutely as a fact placing a huge strain on our resources!~

    • Jason in KT

      I’m voting for “undocumented carp.”

  • Steffy93

    The carp are from Asia, hence the name.
    Please stop trying so hard to find everything offensive!

  • Chad Norton

    Stupid people.

  • Josie O’Flaherty Barry

    Oh yeah…that’s genius…lets suggest that an ASIAN FISH be less offensive by suggesting that the fact its from ASIA makes it INVASIVE and DESTRUCTIVE….so…we are going from geographical name to a descriptive name…Amazing…What freaking geniuses we have in our government…

  • Steve McLaughlin

    Most people just call them carp.. Its more offensive to call them invasive. Because they will end up being called invasive Asian carp.

  • Barbwire Bob

    Another buttthole decision by liberals.

  • Mango

    Boy, Minnesota must be in pretty good shape if this is the drivel that their congressman have time to worry about.

  • Jason

    I know a lot of Asians. In fact, I’m also married to one.

    I have NEVER heard of anyone being offended by the term ‘Asian Carp’.

    This is just frivolous.

    • Bongo Bog

      I have, but only when they misspell “carp”…

  • Press Watchusa

    ————————–SIAMESE CATS
    ———————————AFGHAN HOUND
    ————————————–ALASKAN MALAMUTE
    ———————————————AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS IS BEYOND STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!
    - Here’s YOUR sign!

    • John Best

      They wouldn’t care about the German and American ones.

    • Armed Grandpappy

      Arabian Horse, Black bass, bloodhound (as opposed to “criphound”), coonhound, the list is endless. This could keep the lawmakers busy till the sun nova’s!

  • Gary

    Crazy, I wonder if the mountain whitefish oppress these poor carp….

  • JCPinCompton

    If I were Asian and they renamed this carp as “invasive”, knowing that it comes from Asia, I would be ultra upset.

  • Oscar C Salinas

    Is the name Hussein offensive?

    • The Realist

      It is to liberals, if you mention the FACT that it’s B. Hussein Obama’s middle name.

      • Oscar C Salinas

        Just wait it may be offensive Black Mail, or Special Delivery (Cesarean birth).

  • Susakajo

    PETA used to regularly go after the name of the town Fishkill, NY as promoting animal cruelty. Never mind that “kill” means stream in Dutch, eg the Catskills, etc.

  • Steve Allen

    I find the party dame of Democratic party offensive because they are anything but democratic I say we can their name to Communist Socialist party that fits them better.

  • Bftsplyx

    Calling a**holes “politicians” is hurtful to a**holes.

    • Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins

      LMAO! Thank you!

  • SKinMD

    This PC stuff has gone way beyond the pale! We’re getting to the point that you might as well sit in a corner and not speak at all, for fear of “offending” one person who thinks it’s nasty. Let’s get back to reality and stop wasting our time on this. (Uh oh, I’m sure I’ve offended someone, now.)

  • Jim Quillen

    if onlythe idiotic liberal would go extinct

    • Yomomma

      they are the only invasive species

  • Kevin Looker

    When are they gonna do something about “Cracker Barrel”?!?!?

  • Gene Ricky Shaw

    Yeah, nothing offensive about “invasive” being in your name!

    • Yomomma

      it refers to the carp and nothing else

  • sullijwiii

    HAHAHAHAHAHA and LOL – Do we have idiots in our government? How many Asians did he ask if they were offended? I want to pass a bill that his last name of Hoffman is offensive as it seems he would hoff (sounds like cough) all over a man. Let’s get really stupid about this.

  • Jack Riley

    how about those Swedish meatballs?

    • Yomomma

      German chocolate cake.

      • Danae Summers

        French Fries.

        • Yomomma

          Belgian waffles. Oh the horror.

  • Dave

    So , are the Democrats calling Asians , “invasive” ? That’d be offensive to me if I were Asian !

    • Yomomma


  • Amanda Snyder

    …….. Wow……. both my husband and I are like what??Really. This is dumb.

  • Herman Vogel

    So, let’s change the name of the German Cochroach, or the Norwegian Warf Rat, Or the Japanese Beatle, or the English Sparrow. This is bullspit, it is all to get the Asian vote,,,hopefully the Asians KNOW what communism is like and WON’T vote Dumbocrat in Nov or 2016.

  • Nadia

    The world is in such a disarray and the half baked liberals are worried about the name of a fish. Is it any wonder!?

  • Coding Poet

    In South Africa they changed the term “black bag” for our garbage bags to “green bag”. That way we’d only offend aliens if they ever landed.

  • Craig Hansen

    There is a “more offensive” fish native to North America; one I love fishing for, actually.

    The very offensively named Black Crappie!

  • Paul Crittenden

    Okay, so it’s the Invasive Carp from Asia. Stupid liberals.

  • chetnapier

    you can stack stupid like cordwood.

    • BigTBoom

      Could stupid be more like grain elevator or sugar dust as opposed to cordwood… normally harmless in small quantities but potentially explosive if allowed to accumulate unchecked.

  • Aaron Hughes

    *face palm*

  • Yomomma

    better change the name of the grass carp. Some stupid liberal might try and smoke it.

  • Yomomma

    what about the black carp??

  • Yomomma

    if i didnt know better i would swear this was from the onion

  • Yomomma

    Soon people with the last name black will have to change their name

  • Yomomma

    When are the libs going to go after Red man chewing tobacco?

    • msjoeshmoe


  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    Libs: Good job association Asian with “invasion”. Idiots.

    • Bongo Bob

      You know, I was thinking pretty much along the same lines! Obviously they didn’t think this thing through!

  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    Blackberry devices are racist and offensive, as are blackheads, black eyed peas, Mexican Food, and Indian burns. We need a language re-write!

  • http://SCOTUS.GOV/ JusticeThomas

    Barack is also offensive to rocks.

  • Fish

    So they are basically saying that Asians are invasive and a nuisance to our nation. Even better.

  • RayNAiken

    Never refer to Native Americans as Indians ever again starting now.
    They are not from India!!!

  • Steve Randolph

    The name “politician” is invasive and hurtful. Therefore we should ban politicians.

    • Armed Grandpappy

      Invasive lawmakers? Just an idea.

  • Mark Douglas

    So one state is trying to change the name everywhere? This is so incredibly stupid that I don’t even know where to start. Feel sorry for Minnesotans.

  • JohnFalcigie

    I want to propose a bill that liberals are no longer called humans, its hurtful and offensive to humans. I propose they be called pond scum (no offense to pond scum)

  • adakahless

    This is all propaganda to take your minds off what is really happening in the world. :/ Don’t be duped!

    • Slickcommonsense

      And what is happening

  • Ron Handy

    While Rome burns,& is going up in flames, – “Hoffman ” is worried about changing the name of Asian Carp !! The GOV. Is out of control. !!! There is no hope for AMERICA . !!!!

  • Robert Wilson

    Isn’t it more offensive to change Asian to invasive

  • bubba2020

    Oh, its just Minnesota, trying so hard to be as liberal as New York, California, etc. Been laughing at them for years.

  • Joe Smith

    Democrats usually attribute everything bad to white people, but there is already a whitefish.
    I guess this one will have to be called Caucasian fish, or crackerfish.

  • Mitchel Bart

    You got to be frigging kidding me. We have met the enemy and they are us.

  • Mitchel Bart

    Is Siberian Husky offensive, too? How will I ever tell my furry children I can’t call them Siberians anymore.

  • Vino

    Do we really pay these people from our tax dollars?

  • JustanotherTaxpayer

    Stupid tree hugging liberals, don’t they have some hippy to go and play with somewhere?

  • A Descato

    What’s next? Italian sausage? Swedish meatballs? French fries!?

  • Shelley

    It was so named because it originated in Asia not because it eats cats…

  • Jon

    Maybe black bass will be the next name change victim, just saying.

  • Talia Carter

    *shakes head* This is what tax dollars are going for

  • feduppianoman

    Since when did calling fish by the name of a continent become hurtful to some people? These people become more disconnected from reality by the hour.

  • brian3446

    some are all ready in the grate lakes and i know how they got there

  • Griff63

    Wouldn’t black carp be just as bad ?

  • Penni Price-Lindsey

    Good grief…more PC crap…it is, what it is!!

  • Shaun Winslow Lafave

    This gets better 1.12 Sec. 2. INVASIVE CARP.

    1.13 The commissioner of natural resources shall not propose laws to the legislature

    1.14 that contain the term “Asian carp.” The commissioner shall use the term “invasive carp”

    1.15 or refer to the specific species in any proposed laws, rules, or official documents when

    1.16 referring to carp species that are not naturalized to the waters of this state.

    Ummm if a carp was born in Minnesota can we still call it a Asain Carp

  • sean1

    Its only a slur if you call it an “oriental” carp. Get it right Quai Lo!

  • Justin Ahlquist

    Lets name it swedish fish cause i love swedish fish and maybe these will taste yummy like swedish fish

  • Craig1748

    Typical politician, nothing better to do that is productive. The guy is definitely a loser as are the people who elected him!!!

  • Justin Ahlquist

    Are rocks offended when I call progressives, “stupid as a box of rocks”?

  • Vikodlak

    Wouldn’t “invasive” carp be hurtful and offensive to Mexicans?

  • xxGuitardudexx

    Good thing it doesn’t hold a trademark on it’s name.

  • Commiefornia

    I just wrote an email to:

    Dear Senator Hoffman,

    I heard you wrote a bill to change the name of the Asian Carp to “Invasive Carp”. Frankly as an Asian I find that offensive. Should I go around and tell people I’m an “Invasive Person” now? You’re an idiot.

  • Weerd Whale

    Crap. I’d hate to see what’s going to happen to anyone with an English bulldog or a Siamese cat…

  • Sister Patriot
  • Jim B

    The Fish Commission of Pennsylvania tried to play god with genetics. Lake Erie was polluted and so walleyes couldn’t breed in Lake Erie. The streams were starting to clean up so they bred the walleye with the Coho that breeds in the streams. They got a Cowall but the fish were too small. They bred it with the largest freshwater fish the Musky to get more size. They ended up with a Cowalski. The only problem was it was so dumb they had to teach them to swim.

  • Porphyry

    I find his actions offensive to *Minnesotans (like me)!*

  • JT Kolt

    Obama needs to change his name as it sounds too Irish and is offensive to them.

  • Jack

    Too bad thats not even an Asian Carp pictured, it is a common carp. Also the story does not include the real reason they want to change it. They want to make it a more attractive name to increase the demand of the meat. It is very good to eat but people will not buy something called “asian carp”. They are wanting it to be called “silverfin”, that way the price will increase on the meat and commercail fisherman will have a reason to start taking them out of rivers and lakes. They are currently very over populated and have no natural enemies. They are VERY dangerous (Youtube search them and you will see what I mean)

  • truthtelleruno

    Asian carp is offensive? What about………………AFRICAN American?

  • radioone

    Once the Libs get our language “purified”, unauthorized books will be next.

  • goyen83

    Well, anyone have any suggestions for what we should call french fries?

  • Shiner

    Of course. I’m not a brain dead liberal. I was being facetious.

  • drew

    Won’t the word invasive offend all the illegals in our country?

  • Thomasinwonderland

    these people are always carping about something

  • MontanaMade

    how about banning that fish all together??!! That invasive piece of crap fish has caused so many problems in the US!!

    But what about the Squaw, or the Crappie?? Aren’t they offensive names too?? the Squaw is an offensive fish anyway… we used to throw them on the shore and let them be coyote food.

    You’d really think these guys have better things to worry about these days… but I guess the wars, economy, scandals every week, unemployment, where to play golf next just aren’t enough to think about- must have more important things to worry about- like the names of offensive FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it seems like you have to be a special kind of stupid to be a democrat these days.

  • PJParks

    My forehead is now flatter and my desk is a little shorter.

  • PJParks

    How come no one is upset by the “White House?”

    • Common Man

      Because Big Bro lives there now, he “tooks” it from the man.

  • Jason

    Well I am offended that liberals call themselves american, so they need to change their names to unamerican ignorant pansies, there are more issues than this to worry about and the word Asian is not offensive. Changing it from Asian to Invasive to me means that they see Asians as an invasion into America. That is offensive

  • Guest

    Yeah, words are hurting us all…

    • Common Man

      It should read “Krack-Ahhh a Jack-Ahhh,” that way Jesse Jackson could say it.

  • debby

    what is this world coming too? So many many more important things to be worried or upset about. Why are people so touchy anymore? But to let it start going to this, fish? what will it be next? this is unbelievable to say the least.

  • Richard D. Kelly

    Instead of the about Washington Neanderthals?

  • Mark Donaldson

    The end is near…

  • Paul K.

    Seriously, you have nothing better to do than post how moronic politicians are? EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS THAT!!!!
    Get a life… Sheesh!!!

  • patrick quinn

    I thought for sure that you were going to show a “Garfish”..

  • prolife87659877

    i swear to God i wish democrats put as much effort into increasing our freedoms as they do in taking them or in this case wasting time on stupid legislation that does NOTHING!

  • Tammy Seale

    How stupid.

  • FarleyThree

    Yellow Perch?

  • Deborah Watson Steele

    We’re doomed.

  • Manny Laureano

    No. This is a joke. This HAS to be a joke. No, just no.

  • Common Man

    How did America get so full of RETARDS? Did we grow them here, or did we import them? Seriously, these people are not smart enough to breed on their own.

  • Jamal Washington Jr.

    I am deeply offended when I hear someone refer to Hussein Obama as the President of The United States of America. It is just wrong on all lelvels.

  • Adam Sternberg

    It makes you feel good knowing that your tax dollars paid for all of this.

  • Edward Teach

    That tears it!
    I’m going to cut myself a length of wood and sand it smooth.
    then I’m going to drill a hole in one end and attach a piece of leather to serve as a wrist strap.
    Then I’m going to burn the words ‘stupid stick’ into the side of it.
    I’m going to carry it everywhere I go.
    Then whenever I encounter egregious stupidity such as this, the offending stupid is going to get a tune-up!

  • Edward Lewis

    They should now change the name “The Minnesota Vikings” to “”The Vikings” because Minnesotans are ashamed to have such idiotic senators representing their state.

  • wallyj180

    Is it still OK to call Muslims ‘Asians’ when they are invasive ?

  • echo6

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • RevnantDream

    This has become insanity, because the lefty’s believe in word Magic , incantations, twisting words. To them language is used as a club to bludgeon those who fight for truth, or freedom from socialistic viewpoints . They use speech to make evil look good & the opposite. Its the choice of this group for social engineering to make words change meanings, to enforce Jihad against any who are against their agenda.They corrode reality with made up terms..

  • Lou9999

    This has to be a joke…no one is that stupid.

  • Preston Wigginton

    This only happens in multi-racial multi-cultural societies …you asked for it America you got it …

    • Preston Wigginton

      And for a of you that were too scared of being called racist …well today’s victims are tomorrows reactionaries …but most of you deserve a shovel to bury yourself when you be

  • Toots O’toole

    “Invasive” carp will offend bloodthirsty invaders. Like Muslims.

  • Preston Wigginton

    And for a of you that were too scared of being called racist …well today’s victims are tomorrows reactionaries …but most of you deserve a shovel to bury yourself when you become extinct

  • Keith A Mitchell

    bloody idiots, typical of politicians everywhere, better they concentrated on issues such as the economy,education,
    health etc ….oh sorry, forgot, they put those sorts of issues in the ‘too difficult’ box!!!!!

  • Bobd06

    Typical lefties, they don’t look at people as individuals, but as blacks, homosexuals, asians, natives and those despicable whites.

    • WalkingHorse

      The groups are a convenience, a means to an end. The real goal is the eradication of independent individuals.

  • bloodyharry

    how about the jewfish? schools of fish are already holding special events to raise awareness of asian carp co existance plus the Great White Sharks and American White Pelicans are working on changing their status to “sharks and pelicans of indigenous origin”

  • Ratt Stone

    Oh I get it, but down heya in Louisiana it’s Ok to have the ‘White Perch’.

  • lepooner38

    John Hoffman’s (D-MN)………..if he actually had a “D” he would not have introduced this trivial matter to the senate. I guess there are no other issues in MIN that require legislative action?

  • WalkingHorse

    Hmph! I guess they didn’t think the term carp is offensive to radical feminists.

  • JLawson

    Ask the fish if it cares.

    If it responds ‘YES!” – ask it to go back where it came from, politely.

    If it stays silent or says ‘NO’ – then rip up this stupid bill. We’ve got 99 problems, but this ain’t one.

  • Lazlo

    Octopus are outraged at the Number Based name we gave them.
    How rude to define a species on the number of limbs.
    They prefer the names: Sea Meister, and Guru of the Deep and Cthulhu

  • SteveP

    More proof that liberalism is a serious and destructive mental illness.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    If I’m not allowed to call a spade a spade then I will be forced to explain via definition.

  • J.J. Sefton

    I’m offended by Italian Parsley. And if you don’t like that, I’ll have your legs broken.