These pictures of “Truckers for the Constitution” shutting down miles of traffic in DC are incredible…

The truckers have made good on their promise and are shutting down miles of traffic around DC right now.






(h/t Capitalism Institute)

      • Bingham

        The first picture listed in this post is not from today’s event. It’s been debated on the actual Trucker’s facebook page. Besides, it’s raining in DC as you can see in other images from today, that picture is very sunny/dry.

      • joehall

        They’re shutting down traffic in DC? They should’ve stayed home, DC traffic always looks like this. And it’s pouring rain here, it would be shut down anyway. They’re wasting diesel fuel…

        • James

          “Wasting”…? Really.? I feel it is a good use of fuel.. have you not seen what they are driving for.. Sheep!?

        • Phillip Easter

          wouldnt there be traffic be just as bad in front of them then? liberal logic!

          • John Huffman

            the problem here is that we have labeled ourselves Dem and Rep,, do u get makes it perfect for the politician who doesnt care, BY the way pihl many are reps, but they ARE americans and truckers first

      • Hillary2016

        “The truckers have made good on their promise and are shutting down miles of traffic around DC right now.”

        … pic says 10/10/2013 right on it, ffs. Regular traffic from yesterday.


        • Phillip Easter

          wouldnt there be traffic be just as bad in front of them then? liberal logic for ya!

          • GreenEagle

            There are five trucks in this photo, in front of the cars. Even if they did cause a traffic jam, what the hell is that supposed to prove? Where are the tens of thousands of truckers that you guys said were going to show up?

            This is pathetic, and you know it perfectly well.

      • Paul Brainard

        It’s pouring in DC. That’s not from today.

        • KG

          did you watch the video? It rhetorical, I know you didn’t b/c if you had you wouldn’t have posted

      • Jamie Paul Bennett

        how do u pull over someone going under the speed limit following someone going under the speed limit

      • vicki

        at least they have the guts to get out and try to do something to get our government back

        • Judy

          Right on Vicki, at least their trying to do something, unlike some of these blow hards.

        • joeybot

          That’s right, 30 trucks doing something completely ineffectual!

          I bet you’re one of the people who made fun of the Occupy Movement for wasting their time, right?

      • Kurt Hennig
      • Jenan

        America needs to shut down ..And Show the GOVERNMENT who pays their checks..

        • Mandy

          Well that’s a great sentiment but seeing as members of Congress, etc. are still being paid… the shutdown doesn’t seem to be hurting them too badly…

      • James

        Even if not as many show up as expected.. Let this be a good incentive that people can stand together for a very good cause.. This protest was only broke up because of weather. Not anything else.. And this is going on nationwide.. I 100% support our truckers.. they bring us everything we need to survive.. Can’t say the same for our over reaching government


          thank you so much for supporting use truck drivers out there on the road trying to do our job to keep things moving i am a driver my self have been for 23 years now we wish we had more people like you out here supporting us i an every trucker thank you for your support

        • GreenEagle

          “Not as many show up as expected?” They predicted a million, they got 30. That’s not “not as many,” it is a colossal, humiliating failure which demonstrates that those of you who sit out there typing out your right wing comments night and day represent almost no one in this country.

        • joeybot

          How does bad weather stop a truck? I have a busted up car and I can drive in the rain.

      • James

        We have 2 more days of P8ssed off people to jam up that beltway.. God speed truckers

      • LLinLa

        Why do I all of a sudden feel the urge to belt out “God Bless America?” Put those hammers down and speak for us who don’t have big wheels! Roll with pride, truckers!

      • anonygoose

        Dozens not thousands…. This was an epic fail !! The government is laughing at them LOL so are we… Troll on Truckers Troll on….

      • BeautifulAmerica

        LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you all for standing up for America, our Republic.

      • bucky

        They are working harder than anyone in Washington D.C. except for the president transforming America with the help of the Senate and Congress…They all need to go to jail for not following the Constitution. Not the Constitution as O see’s it. GO TRUCKERS!!!!!!

      • Chrystal Myghty

        Misinformed Morons for ‘Merica!

      • Bryan David Hale

        how can you tell if the truckers are protesting or just doing what they do all the time. ALL THE F#$^ING TIME!

      • Realtor1

        The whole country needs to shut the lights off and go home. When there is no business open or no lights on, I bet Congress will do something. We need a National Strick!

      • joeybot

        They better be gone by tomorrow, because they forget they’re in VIRGINIA and I got a gun.

        • James W.

          like you are going to stop all the truckers. good luck with making terroristic threats too

          • joeybot

            Not ALL the truckers. I’ll just get a few!

            Stop whining about terroristic threats, when people say that stuff about Obama or liberals I bet you get a stiffy.